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The Cost-Effective Way To Increase PC and Laptop Performance

26 June, 2008 | One comment | Published under Blog | 4,271 views

My Neo laptop had breathe for almost a year now and yet, after several component upgrades, my Vista still feels slow especially when I am running productivity software. Is it my system or Window Vista that is keeping me from getting the computing performance that I need? Let’s explore that, shall we.

August last year my employer got me a laptop (Neo 540NVP2i) with the following specifications: 1.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1 GB DDR2 memory (RAM), 80 GB SATA hard drive, a DVD writer drive, an integrated graphics RAM, and Genuine OEM Windows Vista Home Premium operating system.

My laptop felt great in the beginning. However, when I started to install some software that I used to work with when I was still using my old PC, my system went very slow despite the promises of large RAM and two-core processor. I can still remember that my old PC only had 512 MB RAM, yet it was able to carry out my need. Historically, I added another stick of 512 MB DDR PC2700 memory to it and I was able to gain additional measurable performance on my Windows XP Professional system especially when it comes to video editing, Photoshop editing, and other RAM-intensive applications.

Now with my Vista, I was thinking the same. The package default 1 GB RAM feels like having 512 MB on Windows XP, so I decided to do some upgrades. I bought another stick of 1 GB RAM for my laptop few months ago and the performance gain was rather significant. Still, it is hard to think that with 2 GB RAM, my Vista system still throttles when I am doing multiple tasks. I’ve never encountered an operating system as resource hog as Vista is. Next month, I am thinking of upgrading again to 3 GB. I hope it will work for me, otherwise I could conclude that the problem is not my system but Vista.

The case would be the same for iMac users. If you have enough dough to upgrade and add iMac memory to its default package, go on. It would significantly extend the performance of your system.

The best upgrade and most efficient way of improving the performance of laptops and computers is by adding computer RAM – hands down. You can try browsing the RAMs sold online by Memory Deal. I heard it is good, and it claims to be the “first and only online store offering customers genuine factory original memory modules for each and every memory upgrade.”

If adding RAM doesn’t work for you, check if you need to buy a new laptop or computer.

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