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Why I Am Not Using Yahoo Messenger for Vista (Yet)

11 January, 2008 | 3 comments | Published under Blog | 11,936 views

Last December 5, 2007, online crowds who own Windows Vista was delighted when Yahoo’s Senior Product Manager, Josh Jacobson, announced the preview version (pre-beta) release of their long-awaited Yahoo! Messenger for Vista through its official blog.

Yahoo Messenger Sidebar WidgetAs we all know, Yahoo Messenger (YM) is one of the most popular messengers in the world (other important messengers include MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Google Talk, etc).

Many YM users who own Vista have been waiting for quite some time. Lots of people dropped their emails through email subscription page provided by Yahoo to acquire the news as soon as it becomes available. I was one of them and I expected a lot.

By first impression, the Yahoo! Messenger for Vista preview version release looks good. Installation is smooth and easy – as usual. When I run the new messenger for the first time, it looks very modern and “Vista.” Yes, it exactly boasts a fresh-looking transparent interface, taking advantage of Windows Vista’s graphics subsystem, the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). YM for Vista lets you customize the window theme and list appearance as you desire. It looks pretty much like a widget, which is great. Soon, programs meant for Vista will follow this interface trend.

Yahoo Messenger Sidebar WidgetPerformance-wise, I found the preview release version too slow for my messaging needs. Although I know that it’s pre-beta, considering the time Yahoo spent for the development of this application, it seems that my expectations were so high (well, I am not alone with this). Of course, the program’s chat functionality is working well and I just love the enhanced emoticons. Chat windows are contained in a single tabbed window for easier management as well. However, some useful features are missing yet (perhaps on this release). I would like to have the Archive functionality of previous versions to see easily the chat history, and the chat rooms and webcam (they are gone). The messenger window is also space-consuming by default (good thing you can resize it). Yahoo people need to tweak this out and make it fast. It’s great, however, that they provided with the installation a useful YM sidebar widget – two thumbs up for this!

Overall, the release of preview version of Yahoo! Messenger is a relief. At least this calms people losing patience for waiting the messenger meant for Vista. Yahoo deserves their time, so I guess I’ll wait until they complete it. I just hope that it would be better that time and will exceed my expectations. I just can’t wait to use it every day. For the moment, I switched back to YM version 9 beta version – perhaps until Yahoo announces the release of the next stable, functionally-complete YM for Vista.

Download Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista (preview release).


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