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Windows Vista Users: Are You Ready For Service Pack 1?

20 February, 2008 | 4 comments | Published under Blog | 1,197 views

Windows Vista SP1Last February 4, I was glad when I heard Microsoft announcing the finalization of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 in their website. They released the documentation of the service pack in Microsoft Download Center describing the service pack’s overview, notable changes, and installation instructions, along with the new features to be encountered when on the looming Windows Vista SP1 release.

Of course, the news got me excited as I am a Vista lover myself despite the odds that were brought about by its original package. I am certain that many patient Vista users are hopeful that the service pack would deliver solutions to the major issues of the operating system and improve further significantly its overall performance. I once posted in this blog how I love Windows Vista but I also pointed out some gray areas that I wished to be improved. The service pack most likely would address them.

To end users like me, here are the major features we have to care for included in Windows Vista Service Pack 1:

  • Previously-released updates, security patches, and fixes (if you missed them).
  • Windows Vista kernel update from version 6.0 to 6.1 for Windows Server 2008 compatibility.
  • Changes to Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) that will remove the Reduced Functionality Mode (RFM) and Non-Genuine State (NGS) mode. If you’re using a genuine Windows Vista, then you don’t have to worry about this.
  • Changes to Kernel Patch Protection “PatchGuard” feature. This lets antivirus products to integrate tightly to the operating system.
  • Changes to Vista’s Instant Search feature. Now, third party desktop search products like Google Desktop can integrate more with Windows Vista.
  • Device compatibility improvement: Windows Vista SP1 will now support over 80,000 devices than its original package support of 40,000 devices.
  • File operation improvements. Microsoft says SP1 will enhance the file copy operations both local and network from 44 to 71 percent. I am definitely very happy for this.
  • Increased reliability and security. Windows Vista SP1 is expected to deliver higher number of hours between disruptions. Meaning, things like non-responding applications, application hangs and crashes, and system crashes, are significantly reduced.

So, what do you think?

How Vista SP1 Will Be Distributed and When

How and when Windows Vista SP1 will be distributed is a bit confusing. What is certain is that Microsoft will deploy Service Pack 1 release starting the second or third week of March.

To those who have Windows Vista on their PCs and laptops (like me), you will be able to install the service pack in a staged manner through Windows Update. Last week, I got one of the two prerequisite updates of Windows Vista SP1 installation. Microsoft will also release standalone download installations of Vista SP1 through Microsoft Download Center on mid-March. PCs and laptops with Windows Vista SP1 pre-installed, Windows Vista SP1 for enterprise customers, and Windows Vista SP1 retail copies, will be released in the coming months after the upcoming distribution on March.

Oh well, while I’m still waiting for its release, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed. I trust Microsoft with this. How about you?

Are your ready for Vista SP1?

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John Raul II

Hahaha! I completely understand you Greggy. :D
I hope it will exceed our expectations and make Vista the best operating system ever.


Well, everything Microsoft does is a bit confusing. It takes years till they fix all the problems in a OS and when they finally do they come on the market with a new one that screws up everything – see the Windows XP – Vista saga.

Every time they come with something new we all hope that they’ve learned from the past mistakes. But no. They never do. or they don’t want to. This is what happens with big corporations that have no real competition. No one can take Microsoft’s thunder so far. Linux is just for geeks… a sad reality.

John Raul II

Yeah, Microsoft undeniably appears to work like that. I hope they’d make a change for Vista, for us Mig, and for everyone else.

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